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Cortico-steroid Injections

Methylprednisalone is the steroid solution used at this Practice when undertaking a Cortico-steroid injection. This is similar to a natural hormone produced by the Adrenal glands and is a prompt suppressor of inflammation and hence will normally provide patients with quite dramatic relief of symptoms for a variety of persistently painful foot pathologies.

Do not confuse injectable steroids with steroids taken orally. Steroid medication taken orally will often produce undesirable systemic effects, however an injection of Methylprednisalone will not. Undesirable effects of Cortico – steroid injections are rare and primarily affect only the structures into which they are injected.

We always numb the affected area with a local anaesthetic and therefore can reassure our patients that they will not experience any pain or discomfort during a Cortico-steroid injection. We would advise patients to rest the foot for the remainder of the day. Normal daily activities can resume the following day with relief of symptoms occurring between 1-10 days.

In accordance with best practice, we audit the outcomes of the Cortico-steroid injections undertaken. We would therefore review patients after 4 weeks and 8 weeks to assess the efficacy of the injection.

Efficacy rates for these injections are exceptionally high with the vast majority of patients reporting either complete relief of symptoms, or a significant relief of symptoms.

The following foot pathologies are treated regularly at our Practice with these injections.

•  Plantar fasciitis/Heel Pain
•  Mortons neuroma (a form of Metatarsalgia)
•  Arthritis
•  Capsulitis(a form of Metatarsalgia)

Mark Hollinshead is the Podiatrist who undertakes these injections at our Practice. Mark is the only Podiatrist locally who undertakes these injections regularly. Mark is enthused by the efficacy of steroid injections. . . . .  

“The use of injectable catabolic steroids has transformed the treatment of some commonly occurring foot pathologies. Capsulitis in the Metatarsal/Phalangeal joints, Arthritis in the Mid-Tarsal joints, and acute Plantar fasciitis in the heel respond exceptionally well to steroid injections”.

The cost of a Cortico-steroid injection includes the use of local anaesthesia and two follow up review appointments.

"Ensuring your feet are in safe hands"

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