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We are delighted to offer the following new services:-

Laser Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

Our advanced laser is a Podylas s30 1065nm class 4 medical laser. It causes a controlled thermal effect on the tissue which treats fungal infections safely & painlessly.

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The efficacy of all Laser treatments is the subject of some debate, a study in 2014 undertaken by the University of Barcelona involving 150 patients reported a ‘cure rate’ of 78% using the above Laser, and although we have invested in this technology it is our opinion that its effectiveness on well established extensive fungal nail infections is poor and hence we still regard oral medication as the ‘gold standard’ for extensive fungal nail infection.

For relatively minor infections, however, our Podylas medical Laser is more effective and therefore we advise its use for some minor fungal nail infections. The Laser treatment regime involves several sessions over a period of a few months.

"Ensuring your feet are in safe hands"

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Home Visits

Home visits are available for new and existing patients.

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