Standard treatment/consultation

(Up to 30 minutes allocated, majority of pathologies can be treated and advised upon during a standard appointment)

Standard consultation/treatment with the use of a local anaesthetic £50
Dressing appointment £20
Nail Surgery (Partial Nail Avulsion) £250
additional Partial Nail Avulsion undertaken during same appointment £125
Nail Surgery (Total Nail Avulsion) £250
additional Partial Nail Avulsion undertaken during same appointment    £125

Electro-surgical Desiccation & Hyfrecation 

(includes local anaesthesia) 

Cryotherapy  (per session)  £40

Cortico-steroid injections 

(always undertaken under local anaesthesia. Fee includes two follow up review appointments)

Multiple Puncture/Dry needling  
undertaken with digital nerve block / and or / infiltration local anaesthesia £110
undertaken with posterior tibial nerve block local anaesthesia £150
Diabetic Vascular & Sensory testing £50

Laser Treatments

(Hand warts & Verrucae)

(when the area is numbed with a local anaesthetic we are able to use higher power settings on the Laser and also can undertake curettage (cut out) where appropriate therefore providing a much more invasive treatment. This will significantly reduce the chances of having to repeat the procedure in the event of incomplete resolution. Without a local anaesthetic lower power settings have to be used and curetttage can not be undertaken therefore will require at least 2 or 3 sessions to provide high rates of efficacy )

with local anaesthesia £150
without local anaesthesia £85

Laser & Curettage 

(Hand warts & verrucae)


Laser Treatments

(Fungal nails)

£95 per session 

Laser Treatments

(Low level laser) for Musculoskeletal pathologies (Tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis, Arthritis, Capsulitis ),Wound healing

£40 per session
Photoplethysmography £50
Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction

£45 for 1 nail

£80 for 2 nails

Insole appointment £40
Insole review £20
Home Visit £50

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