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Corns on the top of toes

The only reason for a corn to develop on the top of a toe is because of an ill-fitting shoe rubbing the toe. Buckled /clawed toes are particularly vulnerable and therefore such toes should be accommodated in shoes with a deep toe box.






Laced shoes generally provide a greater depth within the toe box, slip on shoes will generally provide the least amount of depth within a toe box.






Infected corn

Note the presence of necrosis/ulcer and pus from an infected corn

Note the protective felt pad wrapped around the corn site. This will protect the area from an ill-fitting shoe

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a) Apical Corns

b) Corns in-between toes (inter-digital corns/soft corns)

c) Corns on the soles of the feet

"Ensuring your feet are in safe hands"

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Home Visits

Home visits are available for new and existing patients.

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